Posted: March 12 /

At a time when the government is trying to level up Britain and tackle regional inequality, the recent cuts to BBC Local Radio feels like anything but, and surely undermines this manifesto promise?

Posted: February 1 /

The RAJAR Quarter 4 2023 figures are out and it’s good news for commercial radio.

Posted: October 11 /

The public perception of the BBC has divided the nation over the years.

Posted: August 19 /

I’m sure you’ll recall our moment to address all things GB News, uncovering the highs and lows of the new channel and even finished with a cliff-hanger hinting at the spawn of TalkTV.

Posted: March 15 /

We all have our own preferences on how we consume news

Posted: January 19 /

2021 wrapped up with three heavy-weight news broadcasters signing off at their respective channels for the last time.

Posted: January 4 /

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no way you could have missed the making and ongoing saga of GB News! The entire nation is divided on what GB News stands for, but what… Read more »

Posted: October 28 /

After an almost two-year pandemic-enforced hiatus, the RAJAR figures are finally OUT and it’s been a long-awaited reckoning for the whole industry.

Posted: September 10 /

The times they are a-changin’ at the Beeb, as they bid adieu to three titans of radio, leaving loyal listeners singing the blues.

Posted: April 9 /

What exactly is Broadcast PR?

Posted: March 23 /

Blanket broadcast PR coverage is what everyone wants, right?

Posted: February 13 /

It’s World Radio Day! To mark an occasion of such importance to us here at ON, I thought I’d share a bit about the history of World Radio Day – with some musings from the team about why we think radio deserves to be celebrated!

Posted: January 15 /

There’s not been too many good things to say about the pandemic since it began, but the broadcast world has certainly benefited. There has been a real surge in its listener and viewer figures since… Read more »

Posted: December 15 /

How would you best describe 2020 Rachel?

Posted: December 2 /

I still haven’t decided if I chose the best or worst time in the world to move to Madrid in January, but that’s what I did when I left ON Broadcast for 7 months, when… Read more »

Posted: September 18 /

As the nation continues to adapt to COVID-19, unemployment levels have hit record highs, the economy is in turmoil, and public unrest is increasing at the ineptitude in the handling of the pandemic. Ups and… Read more »

Posted: July 20 /

With the pandemic and subsequent lockdown putting a spanner in the works of our normal daily routines, we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life and, perhaps most jarring a new way of working.

Posted: July 1 /

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Posted: February 11 /

After excelling my skills in ordering coffee at Starbucks and doing laundry at some of my previous “work experiences”, interning at ON-Broadcast has been one of the most exciting and educational opportunities to date.

Posted: January 14 /

There’s nothing more exciting than watching your coverage go out on live TV or Radio. But what happens when it doesn’t go exactly to plan? In honour of the highs and lows of live broadcast,… Read more »

Posted: January 3 /

Research among national media reveals Twitter, Insta and Facebook are now the most important source for news Journos’ biggest gripe about PRs: they don’t understand what a story is PRs told: carry on floating stunts… Read more »

Posted: December 6 /

Every Friday in the office we collate a Spotify playlist which has a theme relating to current events, news or anything we can think of that’s timely.

Posted: September 20 /

When initially tasked with the challenge of writing my first blog piece for ON, I struggled to think of ways that I could talk about my experience of starting a new job.

Posted: August 22 /

Some jobs naturally lend themselves to be a benefit for friends and family; mostly trade jobs I’d say. Locksmith, electrician, plumber… everyone could do with a family plumber! A family PR though? Not so much.

Posted: August 14 /

Big Brother was axed, the X Factor was on its last legs and it seemed the UK was sick of reality shows. That was until the UK found a new show that was “100% their type on paper”.

Posted: July 9 /

You don’t have to look very hard to find the ‘Outrage of the Day’ story in the media these days. It’s usually accompanied by aggressive comments from Piers Morgan attached as evidence of said “outrage”…. Read more »

Posted: June 7 /

It’s not a new phenomenon… brands attempting to   be ‘down with the kids’ in order to infiltrate that pesky 16-25 market, but when do these multi-million pound companies cross line between from cringe-worthiness to pure… Read more »

Posted: March 19 /

With only 10 days left until the UK is set to leave the EU, clients are increasingly facing tough decisions such as whether or not to hit the brakes, rein in budgets and take cover… Read more »

Posted: February 22 /

Since being at ON I’ve worked on several projects and stories for which we’ve secured coverage that can only be described as stratospheric. Since being at ON I’ve worked on several projects and stories for… Read more »

Posted: October 21 /

Accepting the offer wasn’t scary because I didn’t want the job (I really wanted it), it was scary because I didn’t want to mess it up. Everyone at the office was scarily talented and the… Read more »

Posted: August 14 /

I’m still a fledgling PR, but I’ve been here long enough now to notice that something funny happens every now and then when the ON team works on a story that really resonates with one… Read more »

Posted: June 2 /

My hiatus from broadcast PR to immerse myself into the world of motherhood, lasted all of 6 very hard but joyous years.

Posted: May 1 /

Recently I was invited to film behind-the-scenes for the Frontline Pet Care Real Pets Campaign, with none other than the Fairy-Gok-Mother (Gok Wan) and as soon as I saw the brief, I knew this would… Read more »

Posted: March 27 /

Basketball consumes quite a lot of my natural life in terms of playing and watching, so it’s only right to speak of my first real stint in this industry and create a basketball/PR parallel, just… Read more »

Posted: December 22 /

As the year naturally unwinds and comes to an end, and the advent of a New Year looms ever closer, we take a retrospective look back at the year that was 2017. We’ll reminisce at… Read more »

Posted: November 6 /

In recent years the media industry has been battling a pretty brutal man-cold. Not the kind that knocks you for six and stops you performing your A-Game, the kind that just niggles and annoys you… Read more »

Posted: September 6 /

The sunsets are getting earlier, the morning’s darker and Parliament has returned from summer break! It’s been an interesting few months, offices half deserted as everyone tag teams jaunts abroad, while David Cameron has been knocking… Read more »

Posted: July 6 /

Working at ON Broadcast as a video producer can take you to many different and exciting places, where you get involved in interesting projects with some pretty quirky characters. That was definitely the case when… Read more »

Posted: May 30 /

A year ago, I started at ON Broadcast. A fresh off the boat jobless Australian journalist, turning the tables and testing the waters of PR in a brand new country and a brand new media… Read more »

Posted: March 23 /

As a former tabloid newspaper and BBC investigative journalist, I entered the world of PR two years ago. After working in politics, for myself and for an agency I arrived at ON nearly a month… Read more »

Posted: March 16 /

More than 300 exhibitors from around the globe, dozens of journalists hungry for content and thousands of members of the public on the lookout for their next buy – welcome to opening day of London… Read more »

Posted: March 7 /

I decided to study for my Master’s degree in Public Relations on a total whim – which, by the way, is not something I recommend doing! – but it is easily one of the best… Read more »

Posted: February 22 /

What exactly is a radio day? I’ve been involved in over 1,000 now… But, when I moved over to ON from live radio production and journalism 4 years ago, I’d never heard of the term ‘radio day’…. Read more »

Posted: February 13 /

Have you heard of diversity week? It sounds like an event at a trying-to-be politically correct student’s union, right? It’s actually the unofficial title for a period when the BBC records all kinds of factors… Read more »

Posted: November 24 /

This particular publicist had a bit of a weird time on social media recently. A (sweary) tweet, casually written and thoughtlessly sent out on the morning of the US Election result, went viral. I’m normally… Read more »

Posted: November 21 /

89%* of people across Europe watch TV every week and clock up over 3.5** hours viewing a day on average. However, does television hold the sway it once did now that the world has gone… Read more »

Posted: October 20 /

I was a fan of Michael Parkinson growing up. I loved his interview technique and when I was on my first journalism course I was fortunate enough to meet him. One of his number one… Read more »

Posted: September 16 /

100 days until Christmas… let the sleigh of lazy stories begin   “Family arguments peak at Christmas”; “Prepping Christmas dinner is stressful”; “Office party etiquette guide”… Every PR strutting their stuff in the consumer field… Read more »

Posted: August 25 /

New RAJAR figures published this month show the winners and losers in Q2’s annual summary SPEECH IS KING There are two new big hitters on the block in the world of speech content, and new… Read more »

Posted: July 8 /

Well, what a weird couple of weeks we’ve had in the world of news. In a decade and a half in my previous life as a journalist, I never saw such a busy and changeable… Read more »

Posted: June 6 /

When I made the decision to bid farewell to Australia and move to London I knew I would be diving head first into a much bigger media pond. As a Sydney radio journalist one of… Read more »

Posted: November 2 /

Shifting from journalism to PR is a huge jump. I’ve spent more than a decade answering annoying calls with “Can you stick that in an email please? Oh, you have already… yeah, I’ll get back… Read more »

Posted: October 28 /

A bit over month ago I went on a road trip, and I eagerly checked in whenever I could on what seemed like France’s worst WIFI spots. We finally reached our destination in the Dordogne,… Read more »

Posted: April 30 /

2015: UK Election year. One that could provide more surprises and upsets than the British electorate has ever seen: UKIP, the SNP, multiple party coalitions, sneaky deals and last minute scandal: it’s all possible, even… Read more »

Posted: March 30 /

“…and the highest form of intelligence”. Or so they say. What I don’t understand is why the end of this quote has been lost in translation. It seems that people are so scared of a… Read more »

Posted: February 6 /

Today, we’re changing our logo and making it RED – we’re also wearing RED – why?  For the British Heart Foundation’s ‘WEAR IT. BEAT IT’ campaign of course!. We’re also donating to our RED kissing wall, all proceeds going to The BHF! 5 random facts about RED related… Read more »

Posted: January 30 /

So one month down on 2015 and it’s time to review what’s happened so far. From a sexual harassment campaign to singing policemen and an awesome ‘art installation’.   Let’s start with another music-less music video from Mario Wienerroither…. Read more »

Posted: December 4 /

Last week, there was no escaping the headlines. “Black Friday breaks record”, was The Financial Times headline; “Black Friday sparks £4bn high street frenzy” was The Sun’s strap; while The Telegraph ran a pictorial feature… Read more »

Posted: September 16 /

It’s here again: the time of year when those who love Christmas start planning their Christmas card list, and those who don’t imagine ripping down retailers’ premature decorations. Love it or not (we’re sure you… Read more »

Posted: September 11 /

We polled people across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain to work out Europe’s media consumption habits.  Here’s a snapshot of the results but to request the full report, email Britons are likely… Read more »

Posted: August 28 /

Specialist outfit, ON-Broadcast, has strengthened its team with the appointment of BBC reporter and producer, Daniel Emery. His role will see him support the agency across brand storytelling, news filmmaking and key account management. Emery… Read more »

Posted: August 15 /

There’s a special kind of buzz that comes with watching your coverage go out on live TV or radio. But the very nature of live broadcast means that anything can happen. To celebrate the unexpected… Read more »

Posted: April 17 /

This is a story about the intern who refused to leave.   As many of our clients will know, Lloyd is our Cockney, #lad #lad #lad publicist. He joined ON as an intern over three… Read more »

Posted: April 1 /

PRs love a good April Fool. For those creating the stories it’s the one day of the year where you can get away with “PR murder”. For those reading them, it’s a glimpse into what… Read more »

Posted: March 26 /

Securing a spot on a national TV or Radio is the ultimate in media placement, but successfully pitching to get a client onto one of those coveted spots is competitive and challenging. Below is my… Read more »

Posted: February 3 /

The Skills Show is UK’s largest skills and careers event. Over 100,000 visitors paid a visit to the show at Birmingham’s NEC, which featured 800 of the UK’s most talented apprentices and learners competing in… Read more »

Posted: January 7 /

Who sits at home watching Jeremy Kyle? I’m sure we all have a stereotype in mind or maybe it’s a programme some of us would admit to having as our own guilty viewing pleasure on… Read more »

Posted: October 30 /

Up to 100 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s the equivalent to about a feature film every single second. With so much content endlessly flowing through the veins of the… Read more »

Posted: October 18 /

Working at a project agency is like a box of chocolates,…well, you know the rest…and my apologies for using such a generic analogy. But at ON Broadcast,  every day is campaign day, regardless of whether… Read more »

Posted: October 14 /

There are many challenges faced by those in the PR profession, writing engaging copy, arranging successful events but for many the most daunting part of PR can be pitching a story to the media –… Read more »

Posted: September 27 /

When I decided to move from Oxford to the Big Smoke back in 2010, I left my wonderful job at Jack FM Oxfordshire in search of pastures new. Jack was a fantastic learning curve for… Read more »

Posted: September 9 /

High quality video content has become a must-have for leading brands who recognise video as an effective way of communicating news to audiences who enjoy seeing and hearing the professionals whose opinions they have only… Read more »