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Europe: The Final Countdown

With only 10 days left until the UK is set to leave the EU, clients are increasingly facing tough decisions such as whether or not to hit the brakes, rein in budgets and take cover for the impending Brexit storm.

We too were sceptical about how the land would lie in the lead up to one of the biggest political decisions in a generation. Along with the majority of the PR industry we were assuming this month would very much be a broadcast write off. However, it’s not quite as bad as had been predicted…

Of course, Brexit will be a big focus for the news agenda this month – but let’s be honest, when hasn’t it been over the last two years since the referendum? So why avoid it now?

Most of the general public are sick to the back teeth of the B-word, and funnily enough – so are most broadcasters.  Whilst there’s no getting away from the necessity to report on the biggest national news story EVER(!), we’re increasingly speaking to broadcasters who are desperate to cover, quite literally, anything else!

Broadcasters still need to engage their audiences, so they don’t get Brex-sick (geddit?!). So, if you’re in doubt about whether now is the right time to put your latest campaigns’ wheels into motion, our advice is… don’t be.

If you’ve put the plans in place and have something to say there is still plenty of airtime available that could be filled with your story.

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