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Top viral videos of 2015 (so far…)

So one month down on 2015 and it’s time to review what’s happened so far. From a sexual harassment campaign to singing policemen and an awesome ‘art installation’.


    1. Let’s start with another music-less music video from Mario Wienerroither. Always a firm favourite in the ON office, this time he takes on the Beastie Boys.



    2. Next up is one of my favourite YouTubers, Action Movie Kid. A visual effect artist dad, who takes his son on the most incredible adventures. Venturing into the world of sponsored content, this video is subtly supported by Nissan.



    3. It’s not often that brand funded content is campaigning for social change, but over in Lima, Peru, sports brand Everlast have produced this wicked (even if it’s staged) campaign to combat sexual harassment.



    4. Over to Dover, Delaware next where a US police officer was ‘covertly’ caught singing along to Taylor Swift from a dashboard camera. Great use of PR to break the down the publics’ perception of the force.



    5. That’s not it unfortunately for Taylor Swift… Barack Obama was also caught singing along to her in this awesome dub from baracksdubs



    6. Staying over in the states now with english born Siobhan Thompson who runs the British themed channel Anglophenia. In this video Siobhan teaches Americans how to pronounce British place names. I’m not entirely sure if the joke’s on us or the Americans…



    7. And finally I’m going to end on this from design agency, PearlFisher, who’ve created an ‘interactive art installation’ in a gallery space in London… an adult ball pool. Epic!



And that’s it for January 2015.

Jon Collins, Head of Production at ON
Published 30th January 2015

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