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Tips and tricks: why changing jobs and moving house is the best and worst way to spice up your life

When initially tasked with the challenge of writing my first blog piece for ON, I struggled to think of ways that I could talk about my experience of starting a new job. However, it just so happened that at the time that I decided to change career path, I decided to take a new house path too. Or rather, find a path I could call my own. After living at a friend’s house for a year, it was time for me to fly from the family nest and commence my proper London life. So, here are my tips and tricks for navigating the elusive work / life balance – particularly when both are a bit “up in the air”.

  1. Try to not get overwhelmed. If I’ve learned anything, worrying is NOT a productive way to spend your time. So, keep calm and carry on, you’ll get there eventually.
  2. Organise your time. It might not surprise you but starting a new job and trying to find somewhere to live both FEEL like full time jobs. In fact, one of them is… luckily estate agents are used to the average house hunter working the daily 9-5, so push for viewings in the early evening (it’s not news to them).
  3. Remember that people are sympathetic! Everyone needs to work, and everyone needs to live, so be honest with people if you’re struggling to balance everything. People will understand.
  4. Befriend your Estate Agent, having a buddy on your side is not to be underestimated. Pulling favours every now and then makes the whole moving process a lot easier.
  5. Remind your Estate Agent that sometimes you can’t pick up the phone (especially when you’re at work). Once you are friends (see tip 4), they will be considerate of this. Although to be honest, I’m only now realising how important it is that you manage and maintain this key relationship.
  6. Moving is a sweaty process, so SHOWER. Showering is important. Showering shows your new colleagues that you are clean and professional. If you’re going to take anything away from reading this blog post, let it be this.
  7. Remind yourself that this is exciting! Change is important and change is the only way that you can learn and gain from new things and new experiences.

So these are my tips, and if you’re curious, I’ve officially moved into my new flat and am settling into the swing of things here at ON.

And to conclude, moving is fun! Stressful of course, but generally a lot of fun and very exciting. I’d probably recommend trying to spread out the serious life changes (if you can) but remember to mix it up sometimes, it’s important to spice up ya life!

– Lizzie Burge

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