Case Study

Barclays – Rise in SME Fraud


From a seemingly innocuous email from a colleague asking for an invoice to be paid through to a supplier informing you of a change to their bank details, fraudsters are taking advantage of disruptions to normal business patterns. Barclays got in touch to enlist our help to raise awareness of a steep rise in scams attempting to impersonate legitimate business interests.



Armed with SME owner and British footballing icon Dion Dublin, alongside the Head of Fraud at Barclays, we put together quite the strike force for people to both relate to and listen to. With Dion’s own business experiences, and John on hand to offer invaluable advice and tell-tale signs of fraudulent behaviours, the team built a stark warning to ensure broadcasters felt obliged to spread the message backed up with some powerful statistics.



With both TV and Radio stations across the country eager to share the story, it was an action-packed day for our guests. A primetime slot on GMB left the client jubilant, and by close of play the story was seen and heard by millions of Britons.