Case Study – It’s About Time – Podcast Series


Our friends at Third City asked us to produce, edit and package the 5 part series, using the talents of Sir Tony Robinson to bring stories from the past to life in the present day.


It’s About Time is a podcast series featuring narrator Sir Tony Robinson. It recounts various forgotten tales of the past including a sordid murder in Victorian England, immigration to America through a Charlie Chaplin classic and the split of famous Pankhurst sisters. The podcasts release coincide with family history product AncestryDNA. As Sir Tony Robinson is such a gifted storyteller, our priority was to let have him have free range on the stories and narrative, offering production notes and guidance when only necessary.  However, we still wanted to enhance elements of the tales as to give the listener the experience of traveling through time, watching the story unfold. We recorded the sessions in our very own HOAX Studios over a period of two weeks.


The podcast raced up the charts, quickly reaching the number two spot on the Itunes Podcast Chart. You can still subscribe and listen on Itunes & Acast or listen here:

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Sir Tony Robinson said: “I absolutely loved telling these stories on It’s About Time. This isn’t just reading from a history book, rather we’re bringing stories from the past to life in the present for a modern audience. I hope that everyone who listens enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them.”