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What is Broadcast PR?

What exactly is Broadcast PR?

Over 4 years ago when I first started as a junior member of the ON-Broadcast team, I had never heard of this “special” sector of PR. Was broadcast not just a normal part of any PR agencies work? What made broadcast PR so different that it needed dedicated agencies to do it?

Of course now, after working on many, many broadcast media tours and with hundreds of different clients, brands and charities solely on their broadcast coverage – I get it.

In a nutshell, broadcast PR is media relations specifically and carefully planned to secure coverage on TV and radio, whether that be for a brand, a product, a campaign, or a spokesperson. Sounds simple enough right? The issue with this, that I’ve come to learn, is that securing broadcast coverage isn’t quite as simple as its definition. Securing even a handful of broadcast items can take a HUGE amount of resource, time and effort – something not all brands or even PR agencies are able to commit to on top of everything else they do.

And so this is where specialist agencies like ON-Broadcast come in! We live and breathe broadcast every day, we have the contacts and the relationships in this industry and our fingers on the pulse of any new opportunities arising. This makes us experts in developing imaginative ways to secure popular broadcast opportunities and ensure clients’ messages get the airtime with an engaged audience.

From remote radio days through to television media tours, the pandemic has boosted the profile of broadcast, reminding us all that it is a reliable and trustworthy source of news, so too has it boosted the need for broadcast PR – an increasingly important way for brands to secure coverage and reach key audiences.

So what is broadcast PR? To put it simply, its expertise. Skilled PR professionals ready to step in as you need them, to bring in that hero coverage brands are always seeking. Just as you would call an electrician to fix your fuse box, call a broadcast agency to fix you a fantastic schedule of broadcast coverage.

Amy Stone

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