Case Study

British Heart Foundation – Hidden Heart Conditions


Coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the leading causes of death in the UK and the most common cause of premature death, however new figures suggest people are severely underestimating the scale and seriousness of CHD. ON were tasked with ensuring the public are aware that CHD results in the death of more women than men, contrary to public opinion.



Equipped with the Top 5 UK premature heart and circulatory disease death rates per Government region, ON were able to tailor the story for each broadcaster providing them with the localised angle they crave. With a Senior Cardiac Nurse from The BHF on hand to offer listeners guidance on the signs and symptoms of CHD to look out for, we were confident that the campaign messages would be spread far and wide.



The campaign had far reaching appeal, covered by almost 30 broadcasters including the breakfast show at Times Radio – the hope and expectation is that with knowledge, listeners are more informed and able to combat the signs and symptoms.