Case Study

Tetra Pak – Milk Wastage


As a nation, we waste 360,000 tonnes a milk a year – at a value of £280million, most of this comes as a result of fresh milk not being used before it’s sell by date. Love Food Hate Waste teamed up with Tetra Pak to tackle the problem and educate the public on the benefits of long life milk. Masterchef 2013 winner Natalie Colman and Love Food hate Waste’s Emma Marsh joined us to discuss the research and how Brits can avoid wasting so much food at home.



It is a common misconception that long life milk is a different product to fresh milk, if people had a carton of long life milk in the cupboard for emergencies they could drastically reduce the amount of fresh milk wasted due to being passed its use by date. We targeted both National and regional Radio stations, in particular food and consumer programmes offering Natalie and Emma as spokespeople available to discuss the research and offer their top tips on how to reduce food wastage in the home.



20 broadcast hits achieved with a total reach of 17,584,000. This included one National radio hit in BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright show as well as regional radio hits such as BBC Oxford 95.2, BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Hereford & Worcester and U105.