Case Study

Association of Optometrists – Don’t Swerve A Sight Test


The Association of Optometrists wants to bring about a change in the law so that drivers must have their eyes checked every time they renew their licence, once a decade. They asked us to help them make some noise and generate some mass media coverage across online, broadcast and print on the launch of their campaign.



To make this a leading news story, we needed to build solid groundwork. Between us we commissioned research from both optometrists and the general public and put in an FOI request to add a third element into the mix. But research wasn’t going to be enough, we needed a case study to bring in that human element and attract the attention of red tops. The family of Natalie Wade who was killed by a partially blind motorist allowed us to use their story – and more importantly, their voice.



  • 159 broadcast hits; 16 on TV which included repeated coverage on BBC One and News Channel, and radio coverage on BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine, LBC & BBC Radio 5 Live & Sky News
  • Print Coverage: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Times
  • Widespread online including: BBC News,, Huff Post, Echo, Express, Star, Belfast Tele, Auto Express, Gazette, Fleet World, Gizmodo, Mail Online, MSN, Yahoo!