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Back of a Fag Packet New Year’s Resolutions for PR Agency Bosses

Blow me down with a feather, it’s 2015. Here are my “Back of a Fag Packet Resolutions for PR Agency Bosses”, some of which I might even follow through with myself.


To-Do, To-Do, To-Do

Perfect the way you do to-do lists. If you have a tendency to let things slip make yourself accountable to someone else on each task and set deadlines when none are needed. Basically, just get it done!



Use technology. If you’re not technologically minded you need someone around you who is and who can explain what the benefits are. Good technology can allow your team to do more, better. That can mean more work and a happier workforce. Early this year, I’ll be trialling Wrike with the team, as well as a new bespoke database – and our video production team has already started using Wipster. If you’ve got a nifty piece of software that you use… please share the knowledge.


Care More

Yeah – PR agency bosses are busy-bees. Sometimes you can feel like you’re flying around with a cape on (*ego*) winning business or fixing stuff, but you should never forget your team is busy too… They may be struggling to keep up more than you – and your flapping is only achieving to create a barrier that says “I ain’t got time to help right now”. Let’s get down from our ivory towers and mingle.


Be on Time

Considering it’s the 9th of Jan and this post is just going up, I think this one may be for next year.


Grow those around you

Train and explain. Get people the training they need to grow and explain your decisions to staff… Why did you re-write their copy? If you don’t take the time to explain, you’ll be doing it again next time.


See you next year.



Joe Dyble, Co-Director of ON