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And Finally… Friday 7th Feb

Take a breath, it’s Friday.  This week’s “And Finally” features news of copulating, creeps and colours… all the colours of the rainbow, in fact!


5. Couples are getting stuck together during sex

“It’s not the most romantic ending a couple can imagine” says Dr Aristomenis Exadaktylos.


4. Welcome to the year of the whores’

People around the world celebrate!


3. Get Your T**ts Out for the Lads



2. Best advert ever made?

Ever had one of those nights when you bump into Don Cheadle and a Llama in a lift before playing table tennis with Arnold Schwarzenegger?


And in at number 1 is … rainbows! 

Channel 4 rainbowed, the German Olympic team rainbowed, Google rainbowed… even ON-Broadcast rainbowed


And for a final couple of ‘And Finally’ features (oh, the irony)…


We’re the best at video. WE ARE! But our mates over at Claremont have made a cool video using only an Phone and iMovies.

We reckon MD Ben Caspersz needs to get back to work rather than pursuing his ambition to become a Hollywood producer but a far from shabby effort!

A special mention for our clients Bottle PR and Flirt Planet for hidden camera video we shot for them with Francis Boulle… check it out here:


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