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And Finally… Friday 31st Jan

Welcome to ‘And Finally’… ON’s Friday round-up of the fun, frivolous and fancy-free news and videos of the week.


5. World’s Worst Police Sketch Update: ARREST MADE!

He looks much nicer in the sketch.


4. Paul Lovell has been convicted of outraging public decency, including ‘fellatio with a cow’

This sentence had never been written previously: After a number of unsuccessful attempts with the cows, it was reported that Mr Lovell ‘tried his luck with some sheep’.


3. Inside the Mind of an Inventor

“We built the Wall of Death because I had loads of pallets leftover from the World’s Biggest Bonfire”, indeed.


2. Musicless Musicvideos

Technically, this was posted just over a week ago… but we love this series of Musicless Musicvideos by Mario Wienerroither


And in at number 1. Adult-sized ‘Little Tikes’ takes to the road

He’s raising money for kid’s charities, donate here: http://www.gosh.org/gen/donate/

This guy is a champion in our eyes. Well done chap. (You might also want to take a look at the creator’s facebook profile pic, scary man!)


And a special little mention for the teaser of our hidden camera video for Flirt Planet here. Check out the full vid on Monday when it will, hopefully, be EVERYWHERE!


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